The Armenian Genocide Must Be Recognized

System Of A Down

For the most part
Somewhere in history
Practically every country
Has commited
Even the U.S.
Yes even us
Just to take over

And create this country
When it comes to
The native Americans
Genocide like it or not

Is exactly 
What we did
With that said
There is one country
That when it comes
To genocide
Really bothers me
And that country
Is Armenia
And the reason
Is Turkey
Did they do it
You bet your ass
They did
Will they admit it

You bet your ass they won't

And that as much
As what happened
In the first place
Is what bothers me
The genocide
In the history books
We learn from
In school

You will not see
For even here
It is not a
Horror story
And it's time

That changed
Come on Turkey
For once
Do the right thing
These people
Deserve justice
And their pain
Needs to be taught
In every class
Of history
In our country
So the hatred
Behind it
Can be learned from
So as to hopefully
Never happen again 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yes I am a bit of a history buff, I love learning about the history of other countries. Yes I am a huge System Of A Down fan and yes I am with them on this issue. Turkey needs to and must do the right thing.

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