Our Bad Habit

This country 
Has a bad habit
One we should
Be ashamed of
Our country
Has a bad habit
And it's one
That must be stopped
We send many

To war

For reasons
Lies we can't
Even remember
Support them
While they fight
Mourn the ones
Who die
But for the ones

Who come home
Damaged and alone
No help in sight
Not a hand to hold

The ones who
Sacrificed for
All of us
And now live
With a permanent
Reminder of a war
We should never

Have been fighting
Who is there for them
The ones without family
Living alone
Not able to
Find or hold down
A job
For reasons
We should be
Helping them for
Ending up
On the street
Homeless and hungry
Tossed aside
And forgotten
See this country
Does have a bad habit
We seem to have
No problem
Supporting those
Those soldiers
We love plenty
Then they come home
And we end up
Treating far 
Too many of them
Like they never mattered
Not caring where they end up
Or if they ever get
The help they need
Corrupted programs
Vets pushed aside
Help they need
Insanely denied
Yes this country
Has a bad habit

And if you ask me
It's about time

We made things right 

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