Wake Up, Grow Up

I am a non 

Cookie cutter girl
In a cookie cutter world
Expected to go with things
I am told to believe
But when it comes to 
There is
Just none
To be seen

We have always believed

And done it
This way
Like that some how
Some way
Is supposed to
Save the day
Just by 
Stating it
That way
But those words

In my mind

And my eyes
Are the most
Words you 
Could ever speak
For they promote

No growth
Just a stalemate
With what is
And make sure
Even when we try
We still get
That shit needs to end
And yes society
We do know it

So stop bitching

Stop hiding 
Behind hate 
We are used to 
Grow up
Get with it

And allow ourselves
To actually grow
For once


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AndrewProut's picture

I like it

I enjoyed reading your poem.  We do tend to conform to certain sociatal conventions.  A lot of it is very natural.  Other times it can almost seem like it's become law.  Anyway, I hope that you have the time to read one (or maybe even more) of mine and give me a brief review.  I would really enjoy that.