A Note To Donald Trump

A little note

To Donald Trump
Who wants to
Put us

In even more

Of a rut
Under the guise
Of making us

Great again
We don't need

Your hatred

Or nazi like lies

We don't need you

Or anyone
Putting nothing

But more fear
In our hearts, minds, and eyes 
We need to have nothing

To do with you

And anyone
Who wishes to
Narrow our minds

And dehumanize us

By getting us

To dehumanize others
We don't need

You're wall
Or nazi like
Muslim registration
That will put an even
Bigger target

On our backs
And help us fall
Even further
We need a leader

That instead of
With more hatred

Will lead smarter
Yes you know it's true
What we need is 

Someone, anyone,
Other than
The likes of you 

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If nothing else it's fun to

If nothing else it's fun to watch as He upsets the political system.

it's all a show ..... The Hell with who's President We need term limits 

to get rid of the old guard on both sides . The real power is in the corruption

brought on by to many years in office and who you owe to be there 

Every story-teller bends the myth to his own purpose. that's why a Hero has a thousand faces