Release Your Inner Freak And Let It Live


Embrace the rage

The madness within
Set free your soul
Yes release
Your inner freak
And let the fun begin

Let go of the very
Self control 
The conformist
Society has
Imposed on 

And taught you

Embrace the freedom
We should all

Be living in
And spread the
Fuck out of 
That shit

Teach the world

To live as themselves
Instead of sheep
And for once 

Be not ashamed of it
Accept ourselves

And learn from within
But accept and learn
When it comes to
Others as well
All the differences

We run from and

Fight against
Have lessons 
For us to 

That we need 
To learn
So live it up
My fellow freak friends

And own the fuck out of it
Yes your true self

Let the world see
Show the world

Exactly for once

What it means

To truly live free



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KindredSpirit's picture

I have to check with

The Painters first.


To see what they want to do.  ~;-)