Dear Bully

Dear bully
Who made damn sure
I lived in 

Fear of you
I am the girl
You made quite clear
Did not matter
And belonged
And you are
The reason
I lived
So long

In pain and fear
You convinced
Me I deserved
You justified

Your fucked up actions

In your thoughtless mind

While to my tears
Were painfully blind
So long ago
We're older now
And what I've learned
That you will wish
That back then you knew
Everything in life
That you do
One day
Some way
Comes back to you

And it's about damn time

You were the one
To lose 
Cosmic and
Poetic justice
Yes karma

It comes for you 
And no there is nothing

You can do

Brought this
On yourself
You know it's true
Justice for me
And all the others

You bullied too
Finally seen
And it's about

Damn time
If you ask me
So suck it up
And good luck

You brought this

All on yourself
The one you refused to see
The girl you thought
You knew 


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