A mother mourns 
Her son
A wife
Her husband
As in the heat
Of the battle
Bombs to the left
Armed men
To the right
In the middle 
Of them stands
A soldier
With a picture
In his pocket

Of the child
He will never meet
Tell my daughter
Daddy loves her
Those words 
Would be 
His last
As his whole 
World goes black

We sent them to war

Sold them with
The lie of the day
Yes we sent

Them off
To fight for us
And just got 
Numbers back
Another statistic
As the names

And their faces
Just fade
Into the gray
Wake up 
Now society
The truth 
It must be seen 

We spend 
So much time fighting
The enemy 
We are told to see
By men to whom
We mean nothing
The twisted powers that be 
Whom we love
To complain
But do 
Nothing about
The true enemy
Standing  right
Before our eyes
We are too 
Blind to see
As we once again
Drink the kool aid
Kiss our kids goodnight
And crawl

Into the very graves
For ourselves
We have blindly dug 

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