The Day We Went Too Far

Random Favorites

So sick of hate
So sick of fear

Us everywhere
Always growing

Never shrinking 
The problem
We face in the
Everyday to day
Fueled by
Half truths

And twisted lies
So manipulated
And used
We believe
The lies are
What is right
And the truths
Are bringing us down
So on this
Yet another sad day
In history
The truth we 
Once again burn
As we allow 
The fear and lies
To lift us up
Embrace us 
In fear and hate
Too blind to see
No longer knowing 
Who we are 
We have arrived 
Yes it has 
Finally gotten here
The day that will
Go down in history
The day from which
There is no turning back
The day we lost everything
Even who we are
Yes this will always be known
As the day so cold

With no hope
Yes this is the very day
We finally went too far

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