RIP Lemmy

Living legends
Gods that
Walk the earth
They are

And loved
By millions
And if we are smart
We cherish them
While we still
Have them
The last few years
Have lost
Their fair share of them
Tonight we lost another one
Just as sad and suddenly
As the others
One that was a God

Among Gods
One that other
Gods looked up to
One to which 
Other Gods

Owed a great
Thank you
So it is with
A heavy heart
I say rest in peace

To you Lemmy
A metal God
That paved the way
For other metal Gods
To even exsist
Thank you 
For your greatness

And of course
Thank you
For the music

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Leo87's picture

Very well said. R.I.P lemmy.

Very well said. R.I.P lemmy.