The Illusion That Is The World


The world 
In which 
You live 
Is a lie
The reality 
You believe in
Is an illusion
Shoved down
Your throat
By the media

You look 
Fear is everywhere

Give up hope
Buy this
Buy that
You might be ok
They are
Coming for

Your guns

By in bulk
And hoard 
Like crazy
The terrorists 
Are everywhere

Trust no one
Be afraid

Be paranoid
In mean time 
Don't forget 
To buy these 

Lovely products
You don't need

But feel like you do
Because we made you
Feel like you need 
You can get 
Your hands on
Before before 
It's all taken away
By people 
Who are less likely

To actualy be

The ones to kill you 

Than your 

Now overly 
Paranoid neighbor
Who trusts no one
Because of us
We control 
What you see
How you think
And how you act
It's all lies 
With just

Enough facts
Mixed in
For you 

To believe

We have you

We own you
And your too scared
And stupid
To even see it
We are the media

We are the ones
Really in charge
And you 
Will never 
Realize it

To do a 
Damn thing

About it


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bishu's picture

Naked truth indeed !!!!!!÷

Very very true however unpleasant