Wake Up Society (No More Excuses)

The world is fucked

It's all our fault

Truth and action 
For this shit 
Forever being sought 

But denial is all
That is ever brought
By a society

That should be smart enough

To by now 

Know better

But proof 
Of that

Is still yet

To at all be seen
While itself
And the planet

On which

It does live

Society does

To destroy
In greed
On it's constant search
For power
It doesn't need
And one day
They will find
Will be what 
Ends us
Not saves us
I know I'm not

The only one
Who does see this
Hell not even close
So if I can
If the few 
That make up
The us that can
Indeed can 
With ease
Then come one
Rest of society

Just tell me

Yes enlighten me

What then is your
Damn excuse

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Wolfy's picture


I can agree with you there, good write :)

Life is one hard thing to get...