Inner Warrior


There is a place
In the darkness
Of ones soul
Where the bullied
Does scream
To be let go
Set me free
It cries
Just let me out

I'm pissed 
And I'm tired

And won't take it
No more
Being pushed 
To the limit

Then pushed 
A little more
Running scared
Not brave enough

To fight

Instead of hide
And cower in fright
So dark has 
Because of this
Become your
Life's light

A lifetime of hiding

And putting up
With this madness
Making excuses

For your pain
Even on yourself
Placing the blame
Hoping one day

Things will change
But it never does
I guess it is up
To me
Your soul to awake
Because seriously
Fuck it I'm done
Let me introduce myself

I am your inner warrior
One that can and will
Do what it takes
To for once

Make the other guy break
Yes I am your inner warrior
And like it or not
You will be hiding me

No longer
It is time
That you learned
To for once
Put your needs first
Let no one 
Make you feel
Guilty about it
And understand
No matter what
Anyone says
Yes you are worth it
And if no one else
Will fight for you
Then you will 
Do it yourself
Because yes 
You are strong
And this inner warrior
Is going to help you 
Prove it

And make sure you
Never forget it
Because I'm serious
With this madness
Fuck it man
I am just so done

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