Long Live The The Free

Long live

The renegades

Those who

Just won't

Accept the


Of the day to day

Long live the rebels

Who aren't shy

About having


To say

The Atheists

To define
Instead of
Letting those
Around them
Convince them
To let religion
Define them
The witches
Not afraid 
To practice
And believe in
The magick

They know
All of us 

The dreamers
Not afraid to dream
And go for it
The peace seekers
Who know
In their hearts
The peace
They are seeking
For society
And undertand
More than
Its importance
And last
But not least
Long live
The free thinkers
Who are proud to have
Their own thoughts
Free from bullshit
And manipulation
Outside propaganda
Not welcome
Yes long live
These people
For they are my people

And I love them all 

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mrpoofs's picture

Are you an atheist? Ive never

Are you an atheist? Ive never seen a non-atheist give them kudos before.

LittleLennonGurl's picture

I'm wiccan actually.  

I'm wiccan actually.


mrpoofs's picture

No derp! Thats pretty cool.

No derp! Thats pretty cool. So you actively practice?

LittleLennonGurl's picture

Practice magick not really.

Practice magick not really. I'm not in a living situation where I am able to do so. But I do study it.

mrpoofs's picture

Well dang! Super cool. I met

Well dang! Super cool. I met a dude who supposedly was wiccan, but I think he was BSing. Cool anyway