How Long Can The Madness Last

Think son
Tell now
Exactly how
You think
You can
The madness
You live in

Lying to

Being something
You're not
Just for
That one shot
In a spotlight
You will
Never deserve 
Tell me son

How do you
How clearly
Can you think
While you're awake
Do your dreams

Leave you be
Or do they
Bite with a veangeance
Riddling you
With guilt
And drive 
You insane
Do your waking thoughts
Do the same
And love
Found through lies
A victim of
Your own
Foolish pride
Tell me son
Yes tell me darling

How long exactly
Do you expect
Your stock
To keep rising
Before your secret
Yes your truth
They are suddenly
You find
Yourself falling

As from your fantasy
Your lie
You are slipping
And you drown
Once again
Into a life

That is nothing 

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Well damn. Get em!

Well damn. Get em!