Tiny Child


Tiny child
Whose death
Does bring
Tears to
Societies eyes
World wide
Oh tiny child
A childhood
Barely started
A life hardly
Even lived
Now dear
Tiny child
Though no
Will you 
Play and run
A symbol
Is what you
Have become 
Of a problem
About which
We can no
Longer deny
Must be done
Countless migrants
Much of which
Are children
Just as you were

Fleeing wars

Being fought

At home
With no place
To go
But with no option
To stay
Tell me society
How more of
Those families stories
Have to end this way
Before we do something

Because you tiny
Beautiful child
Who has become
A symbol
Of a problem
Beyond horrible
The real tragedy
Of this sad story
Is instead of
Growing up
And finding out

What you could
Have become 
You will be remembered
As another statistic
Just another child

Another life

Taken far too young 

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Tiny Child

Very Sad, But There Is A Reason, It's All For A reason. Keep Your Head To The Sky...HE'S COMING.