Bullies, Imagine Life without us

You think
You're so
Great, powerful,
And strong
But without us

To pick on
You are nothing

No one
You may be
The bully
Who is more
Than capable

Of making our lives
A living hell
But without us
Your life
Would have
No meaning at all 
Just remember that
The next time

You are calling
One us a loser
Or beating us up
Your entire self worth
Depends on
Someone you consider nothing
Which believe me
Doesn't exactly
Make you
A somebody 

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I've been there, and I hate

I've been there, and I hate the be the cliche, but bullies (haters) make us stronger because they push us to our limits to make us realize that we can handle so much more than we realized. At least, in my case it did. I liked it though. It's a cycle and there always has to be the antagonist and the protagonist.