A Patriots Message To The Haters

A little message
To the haters

Of my football team
My New England Patriots
For haters

You seem to think
You know
An awful lot
About us
Like you are
Following closely
And still getting it
Wrong by the way
But still
Following so closely
If I didn't know
Any better
I would say you
Were fans
In disguise
Following as
Closely as you can
Just so you
Can maybe find

To point your
Finger at
Bitches you
Follow more closely
Or atleast think you do
Than I do
You like it
When my team wins
But for different
You like it

So you can dispute it
And bitch about it

But you know what
You still like it

Even if you won't say it

So yes bitches
On some level
Even you
The haters
Are fans
So stop denying it

And just get over it
Because the only ones
That care
Are closet fans
Just like you are

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What the actual... Patriots Wink this has barely poetic value if any