Never Let Others Dictate Who You Are

Who we are 

I mean who we truly are

Should never be


By the way

Others see us

But rather by

The way

We see us

Haters will come
And haters
Will go
But it is

Up to us
How far
Their influence
Stays with us
And affects
Who we become
If we live

Our lives
Hell bent
On fitting in
With every hater

We see
Just for the sake

Of fitting in
We will never

Truly be free
Or truly find
Our purpose in life

Because if we do that
Then even our true self
Becomes to us
A stranger
And unjustly

Our own
And deny that it
All you want

But believe me

It is far more
Than you think
So common infact
That it deeply
Sickens me
As it should also
Sicken you
So stand up
For yourself
Never deny
Your true self

Just for the
Of someone else
Set yourself free
And when you look
In the mirror
Make sure you
Are always proud

Of who you see

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miss.meek's picture

Every once and a while we

Every once and a while we need to hear something like that or read

it... Thanks for the write and reminding me that I am grate 

J meek