I Would Rather Be The Rebel

There once
Were two boys
One who lived
For conformity
And one who didn't
And all through
Their lives
The conformist
Seemed to
Skate by
While the
Had a much
Harder time
No one
Took him seriously
They grew
And grew
And one thing
Always seemed true
Whatever was
Of the conformist
That is what
He would do
And as adults
That served him Well
I guess
If you can
Call it that
He became
What he was
Told he
Would always be
And did always
What was
Expected of him
Nothing less
But also nothing more
He had a comfortable life
Yes sure he did
But he also never
Truly accomplished
The "rebel"
What others told him
He should settle
For being
Fought to
Be who he
Wanted to be

And fought

To make a difference
In a world
That didn't
Make sense
His road
Was harder
And filled
With speed bumps
And road blocks
But in the end
He did find a way

To make a difference

To those he saw
And beyond
And that is why

I would rather be him
The rebel
With the harder road
Anytime, any day

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