You, The Hater

Will you the hater
Ever know better
Will you ever

Finally learn
From the pain
You have caused

With all the shit
You have done
To all the people
About which
You swore
You didn't
Give a fuck
Will you ever
See the light
Of humanity
Shining brighntly
Right before
Your eyes
Or is it

For you
Far too late
To come back
From all
The games
You have played
Is there still
In you
To be seen
Or will you
Just forever

Hang your head
In shame
Living a life
Of pure hate
Tell me
At the

End of the day
Will you
Find a way

To finally learn
Or will you
Once again fail
As those around you
Learn to prevail

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You, The Hater

The Truth Shall Set You Free. Very Nice Work...   MilMan Cool