Come On Society (Get A Clue)

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The world
Is one big
Mind fuck

In its own right
I mean think about it
We are born
Taught how

To act
Then taught
Through peers
And the media
The exact
We are taught
Right from wrong

Then exposed to
In such insane
That we
Start following
The crowd
Even when
We know its wrong
Which at first
We are rewarded for
But in the end
Get fucked for
And we are so
Far gone
We don't
Even know it
Then at the end
Of the day
We still question
How the world
Got this way

I mean come on
Get a clue
We are the ones
To blame

Me and you
Because we
Believe it is better
To be sheep

That follows blindly
Instead of to
On our own

Stand up
And fight
For what we
Know is right
Anyone else
Just realizing
How insane this is?

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