A Patriots Miracle

The stage was set

For a game
That would be epic
Brady or Wilson
Who would win
The controversy

Of the past two weeks
Put aside and
The game
Had finally
We all knew
It would be
A close one
As back
And forth

It was
To the point
Of a tie game
At half time
The Seahawks

Pulled ahead
My heart did fill
With dread
But we fought back
And pulled ahead

Then in the
Last seconds
As they were
About to score
And win the game
A miracle happened
A poorly called play
And a rookie
In exactly the
Right place
With a pick
It suddenly
Turned into
Our day
Was a crazy way

To end a game
But as for
The end result
I wouldn't have
It any other way
Well done Pats!!!!

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word_man's picture

and if your going to win isnt

and if your going to win isnt it great to do it through a rookie

now he will be imortalized

ron parrish