The Story Of The Sun, The Moon, And The Magick Star

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The moon
And the sun
One day

While doing
What they do
They both
Were in the mood
For something new
So they searched
The galaxies
Far and wide
For something
That would
Satisfy and
Their boredom
They were about
To give up
And head home
When they saw it
A star that did shine
Brighter than all the rest
The magick star
They learned from
And played with
The star

For what seemed
Like days
Then they
They had
Been gone
For far too long
They had
To go home
They begged their
New friend
To come with them
But the Magick star
Declined and said
I am sorry friends
I just cannot go
For you know
I am needed here
But if ever
You feel like
You miss
And need me
Just look for the
Brightest star
Shining from afar
And know
I am always
Looking out for you
So they left
And wished
Their new friend luck
And went home
And true to her word
The magick star
Still shines
Oh so bright
And even now
When you look
Up at the night sky
And see that one star
That seems to
Outshine all the rest
Give that star a smile
Because the magick star
Not only looks out
For the sun and the moon
But for all of us
Here on earth too

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