Why Should It Matter


You meet someone
Make friends
With them
Fall in love with
Them friend wise
For being a
Great person

You do
Go shopping

Go to movies
Go clubbing
You are always
There for
Each other
Then one day
That friend
Tells you
They are gay
And suddenly
Your opinion
Of them changes
But the question
I feel I must ask

Is simply put
Should it?

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Well, if you fall in love

Well, if you fall in love with someone,thinking they were straight, then find out they are gay, it is understandable your feelings would change. Your thoughts would need to change. You would have to accept the fact you were blind and change your goal of what you wanted in that friend or move on if you can't  accept "you are just a friend and can't handle it"... If you change your opinion of them simply because they are gay, that is your fobia or personal beliefs and you have to accept or not accept it. Just remember, they didn't change. They are still who they were...it's all on you! Bear