A New Challenge For Society

Hey Society
Here is a
For you
Take one hour
Out of your day
Where you think
More about
Than you do
Where your
Main objective
Isn't a
Selfish one
But rather
To better
The lives
Of the others
Who are
Around you
And in the end
After that
One hour
Of for once
Of others
I dare you
To tell me
You haven't

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Letty467's picture

I agree..

Dear Society

excuse this sense of piety

I've exhausted your lack of variety

your lack of warm empathy


Dear Society

stop causing this anxiety

depicting your own propriety

your lonely, cold world


Dear Society

fuck your sobriety

painting me in notoriety

I care, so therefore I am


I aplogeise if you feel my poems are not correctly standardised or grammatically perfect - dark, too detailed, etc... Alot of my writing just flows all in one, so I try not to edit it afterwards otherwise I start changing the work- which h