A LITTLE GIRL

A little girl is crying out but you can’t hear

 Her because she has no voice

No one asks her how she feels

Or what she thinks, she is never given a


She will cry herself to sleep tonight

But dream of a better tomorrow

A way to leave make a fresh start

And get away from the sorrow

Somehow she finds the strength to make it

Though another day

She hope someday she will find out how

It feels to be loved instead of pushed away

I know she feels so alone, locked inside of

Herself, trapped by her fear

Imprisoned by the secret she has kept for

Too many years

Hoping in the end the truth will set her free

How do I know?

The little girl is me

I spent too much of my running from my

Painful past

And try as I may, it is catching up fast

I am still haunted by the hurt and pain

Still trying to get over my pain

But I feel so much better knowing I now

Have a choice

I can speak up I now I have a voice

I am not the scared little girl I was before

And you cannot hurt me and I am not your

Victim any more

And even though it has taken a very long

Long time

I now know that it is your shame not mine

You have to take the blame I did nothing


And even know you hurt me more than you

Will ever comprehend, I forgive you,

Because you made me strong


© Danielle Eitzmann


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