the day you died

The day you died,
The nurse’s told me everything was fine, they lied.
The dr. did not have to tell me you was gone, I already knew,
Deep down I wished it was not true.
But my greatest fears came to life, when he gave me you.
My heart was broken the day you left,
You came and went and never even took a breath.
The impact you had on my life was so profound,
A sweet sleeping angel who never made a sound.

And I cherish those few precious moments alone, I got to spend with you.
When you daddy came in to the room, I told him you had gone,
I knew he was hurting, but for me he remained strong.
Daddy, Aunt Barbra, and I held you, and we cried.
None of us wanted to, or could not believe you had died.
I hated every call I had to make,
And every time I had to tell someone you was gone,
I felt another piece of my heart break.

You gave me the title of mother of an angel,
And it is a title I wear with much love and pride,
But along with that title comes the million tears I have cried.
Some people say you were given life, only to die,
But Houston Jaeden they are wrong, you were given life, so you could fly……..
And some people also say that you never did what you were called to do, before you went back to heaven above,
But you did my precious angel, you taught me Love.

I may not have the answer to why you left me; it is still so unclear,
But Houston never forget I loved you then and I love you still,
I have not forgotten you, and I never will.
You will never be alone,
In my heart you will forever have a home.

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Honestly its beautiful. Its

Honestly its beautiful. Its so sad but beautiful at the same time.

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Such an amazing spirit there

Such an amazing spirit there is such beauty in your words a most precious and gorgeous tribute sincerely SS

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