Agree with me

I realy don't care if you agree with me,

Yes I belive that we have the right to be free.

But I don't agree with the war.

What the hell hell are our soldiers dyeing for?

You want to kill our soldiers for oil,

Do you not see the blood from our men, and women, sokeing in the soil?

Men and women are dying every day.

Did you remember to thank God for them, did you remember to pray?

I know that things will never be the same,

I know that beacuse of what they did to us on 9-11 you want them them to pay.

I seen the smoke rise on that horrific day,

I held my breath and I cried to,

I seen the sky go black,

But no amount of blood shed will bring them back.

But I think that people are quick to forget that the soilders are over there every day fighting for you.

My little brother is in iraq fighting for you and me,

Look into my eyes and you will see the pain that flows through me.

And you act like I dont have to right to speak my mind on the war,

That I am wrong beacase I pray for peace.

I want more than any thing for the gun fire to cease.

I want my little brother to come home to the land of the free.

and I still don't care if you agree with me.......

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