Love hurts

I played with fire, and I got burned,

Chalk it up to a lesson learned.

I gave you my heart and you broke it in two,

I found out how much love hurts thanks to you.

I cried myself to sleep day after day,

And I figured out no one wins in this game we play.

You will never know how hard it was to watch you walk away,

You will never hear all the things I wanted so bad to say.

I knew I had to move on with my life, as hard as it was for me,

I knew you could never make me happy.

I have had to live with the choices I have made along the way,

And I wonder if the pain I still feel, is just part of the price I have had to pay,

When I can’t sleep because I close my eyes and see you,

I find my self wondering if you miss me the way I miss you.

I said I would always love you, and even after all these years, my words are still true,

But what about you?

I told you I would love you until the day I die,

Until all the stars in the heavens fell from the sky.

I wish I could tell you I never miss you, and I never cry,

But you know me too well and you would know that it’s a lie.

They say that love hurts and I know it is true,

because I still love you.

And after all these years it still hurts as much as before,

And I would give anything to be able to say, I don’t love you anymore.

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