Kiss me

Kiss me ever so softly, just like you used to,

And make me fall all over agian in love with you.

Caress me ever so sweet,

The way you did that made me fall head over feet.

Make love to me the way you used to,

Back when I first fell in love with you.

Wisper sweet nothings in my ear,

All the things I long to hear.

Make me feel the way you did,

Back before the stress of work, bills, and kids.

Take me back for a walk down memory lane,

The way we used to feel before the heartace and pain.

Just stay in bed today a little while,

Forget the stress of day to day liveing, and let me see you smile.

Hold me close and never let me go...

And just let the love flow.............

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Robin Parham's picture

That was a great piece. I think many of us long for those days when we were carefree and able to just concentrate on the simple things. Very nice, indeed.