Houston Jaedan Eitzmann

Hugs I would have loved to gotten,

Oh the memories that will never be forgotten.

Unique little man,

Setting at Jesus's right hand.

To little time we shared,

Only God know how much I care.

Now forever resting in a peaceful sleep,

Just one tresure I wish I got to keep.

An angel God hand picked to return home,

Everyday loved by many never to be alone.

Danceing and playing with angels from above,

And never knowing how much you are loved.

No one will ever take your place,

Everyday getting to look into Jesus's face.

I know how lucky you are,

To get to play with in the stars.

Zooming around in the clouds,

My little angel makes me so proud.

Answer to my prayers,

Now for ever at rest,

Never forgetting I know, God knows best.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

2 years you have been in heaven, and I miss you more everyday

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