Me with out you

It has been over a year,

Nothing has been the same around here,

I used to be so strong and full of pride,

so much of me I would not show, because it was easy to hide.

But the tears fall so freely from my face,

But I don't try to stop them,

even though I think they are a waste.

I hate days like today, I miss you so much.

I long for your smile, for your soft sweet touch.

God knows I have asked him a thousand times,

why he took you away.

And why the memories, that used to be so clear,

start to fade away.

So I thought I would go see you today,

To help ease some of the pain away.

There was so much I needed to tell you, But I did not know what to tell you.

So I just placed a yellow rose on your grave and walked away.

I will go home and cry because,

I can't cry in front you you.

I won't let you see how much I miss you,

So I whisper "I love you" and walk away,

Because there is nothing else to say.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I miss talking to you Brandi......

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