I am tired

I am tired of getting my hopes up, only to be let down,

Tired of picking the broken pieces of my heart up off the ground.

I am tired of crying myself to sleep,

Trying to smile, but can only weep.

I am tired of beliving I will never find my one true love,

The one sent from up above.

I am tired of being hurt time and time agian,

Him saying he loves me but would rather be friends.

I am tired of people asking me why and I am so sad,

They say come on, it can't be that bad.

I say until you have walked a mile in my shoes,

You have no idea what I am going through.

I am tired of everyone speaking your name,

I am tired of looking in the mirror,

And seeing nothing but shame.

I am tired of pleasing everyone but me,

No matter what I try no one is ever happy.

I am tired of always coming in last place,

I am tired of everyone always getting on my case.

I am tired of living a lie,

Trying to laugh but can only sigh.

I am tired of being depressed and unhappy,

I am tired of being me.

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Dannie Lohrmeyer's picture

Amen! sistah, actually i can say amen and sistah without being black hahahaha no but i know exactly how you feel, cause thats how us real thug gangstas do it too keep it real, and write something non depressing...Tres