A little girl

I know a little girl,

Who has been hurt time and time again,

heartache is her one true friend.

So she has built a wall where nothing can get in,

She has made a promise to herself she won't be hurt again.

Her family and friends have let her down,

she feels destined to wear a permanent frown.

She cries because she can't deal with the pain.

She feels like all her hopes and dreams are going down the drain.

She hopes and believes that some day someone will make her smile,

She wants to feel like her life is worth while.

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tonitails's picture

this poem speaks to me... i was an abused child and have had a wall around me for a long time... it hasn't been completly demolished yet, but it is chipping away little by little... maybe one day soon i can write about that wall chippin' away huh??? :)