Tell me the lies,

that will stop the tears falling from my eyes.

tell me the words I need to hear,

that will help me conquer my fears.

Tell me the things you need me to belive,

So I will never be stong enouph to leave.

Make me feel that you need me as much as I need you,

Even though I know deep down it is  not true.

keep me locked up in a cage,

Scared of you and  of your rage.

I wish all the momeorys I could erase,

You make me feel like disgrace.

You make me feel so unworthy of your love, and of you,

And I am starting to belive that to be true.

What has changed so much in the last few years?

So much so, every time I think of you I am brought to tears.

what went wrong?

I am weak, and I used to be so strong.

I know I deserve more than this, and one day I will break free,

And I have to wonder what will you do with out me?

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Dannie Lohrmeyer's picture

you sound like a goddamned depressed middleaged housewife, if thats for the hubby...trash the fucker...at any rate i read it, peace