In Loving Memory of Brandi Lee Havel

B is for the braveness that brought you through

R is for the radiance that shined from you

A is for attitude, you had one of your own

N is for the nature of your beauty

D is for the devotion you gave to everyone

I is for the inspiration you gave

L is for the life you gave to us all

E is for the energy, Lord knows how much you had

E is for the encouragement you gave

H is for the hugs and hope you shared

A is for the achiever, so talented and smart

V is for the values that you never forgot

E is for the everlasting impressions we have

L is for the love that you gave unselfishly

Havel.... though life and death may keep us apart, you will always have a place in our hearts

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for my best friend that died as a result of a car crash on april 9, 2000 i miss you brandi ^j^there is a big pice of me that died with you

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