Lessons in life


Some one once told me that people come into your life for a reason a season or a life time,

And that every one teaches you some thing.

I whole heartily believe that.

My mother taught me what being a mother is all about,

And that some one is always there to pick you up when you fall.

She taught me what hard work is all about and what it is like to bust your ass to support 5 kids.How to put on makeup. And mother daughter time is very important.

And that a hot shower and crying makes you feel so much better about your self and the world.

My step father taught me about forgiveness and learning to trust again,

And that every one makes mistakes, we just have to learn from them.

And that even smart people do stupid things now and again.

My oldest brother Daniel taught me how to ride a bike, and how to write my name.

He also taught me about the constellations and stars even if he was a little wrong.

Daniel made me believe in some one , at a time I felt like I had nothing to believe in.

My brother Jeremiah taught me what it is like to get close to some one you never knew,

And  thanks to him and his wife what it is like to be an Aunt.

My brother Dannie has taught me what it is like to fill some one else’s  shoes, and how hard it is to walk in some one else’s  foot steps. I thought for awhile he was walking in mine but I have learned I was really walking in his. And even though he is my little brother I look up to him so much, he is taught me so much more than he will ever know I admire him so much. He does so much more than any one asks him to, Dannie has also made me realize how hard it is for a boy to grow into a man.

My brother David taught me how sensitive boy can me and to laugh when you feel like crying, and how to teach a dog to pee when he was 3 years old.

My brother Dustin has taught me how much your little brothers act like you even though  you may not realize that you are setting an example for them you are.

My  first love taught me how much love hurts, and how sweet it is to fall in love for the fist time, he taught me how I grew up way to fast for all the wrong reasons , and how hard it is to say good bye. And how much it hurt when you brake up for the first time. And how I am a better person for the mistakes I have made.

Moving away from home taught me to be independent . And it is scary to leave every thing you have ever  know, how hard it is to start from scratch , and what it is like to be home sick, And that after you leave you can never go back because it is just not the same.

Meeting my dad for the first time taught me that just  because you have wanted to all your life you can’t go back and change the hands of time, You just have to start from today and move on because yesterday is long gone, and he has also taught me how to be a better me, And that he is always there for me when I need him the most, no matter how much at times he makes me mad I know that he loves me.

My step mom has taught me that  it is hard to be a step parent , but with time and understanding you can grow to love each other very much. She is the best step mother anyone could ask for . And that even as a grow woman it ok you hold your parents hand when you need it.

My step sister has taught me that even though we don’t always see eye to eye family means a lot to me , and that it is really cool to have a sister when you grew up in a family of all boys.

My niece’s have taught me how much I can love someone and how much fun it can be to spoil them and send them home.

My sister in law Toni  has taught me that  contrary  to popular  belief there is some one good enough for my brother,

My husband has taught me how to fight and make up, how I am not right all the time, that some one can know all your deepest secrets and love you anyways, He has taught me what a good dad is, and just because we say hurtful things  to some one that does not mean you love the person any less,   that  a person can change and that  when you love some one you have to over look their faults.

My  son Austin  has taught me the joy of being a first time mother , how you don’t know how much you love some one until you look into the eyes you’re your newborn baby, he has also taught me that newborn babies have a very unique smell  and it is sweeter and any thing I know. That you love your kids unconditionally. That they are quick to anger and quick to forgive, and quick to let you know that you are  the most important person in their world, and it brakes your heart to spank your child for the first time.  And that  it is ok to have a life out side of there’s . and that you do cry on your kids first day of school and it does not make you a weeks person it just shows how much you care .

My son Houston has taught me that some times in life no matter how hard it is, some times you have to say goodbye and let go.

My first job taught me the value of a dollar and how hard money is to come by.

My mother in law has taught me that even though we may not see eye to eye on every thing she still loves me. And is there for me when I need her.

My father in law has taught me that  he works hard and plays hard and  he love his wife and kids very much.

My brother in law has taught me that he is quite and sweet but he can joke and tease with the best of them,

Life has taught me that it is ok to cry when you need to and laugh when you need to and at the end of the day count your blessings and be proud of your self and your family and know that God  is only a prayer away. And things happen in Gods time not ours and havein to wait makes us stronger, That life is hard, but It is the little things in life that brings us joy.








Author's Notes/Comments: 

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wow yo...i read this one...and it was undoubtedly the best thing you've done since...well producing a goldfish haha im playin dont hate...but i was truly touched by this one, its nice to know how far (and how many pounds) joking...but how far you have come since you were just a wee little lass...thanks for the love to us all and you are among the best sisters ive ever had