I could almost convince myself she is not real
Almost make myself believe I can make you change the way you feel
I could almost tell myself I am something you can't live without 
But every one knows almost doesn't count 
I could almost convince my heart I don't miss you 
Almost tell my brain not to think about you
I can almost believe this is for the best,
Almost but not yet
I almost believed the lies you told
You almost had me convince I am the one you wanted to hold 
I almost had you wanting to fix all my doubts,
But almost does not count
Almost threw it all away,
Almost quit thinking about you all night and all day
I could almost tell myself I understand,
That you are not taken, and that's not a wedding band.I could almost convince myself I don't know what I am left living without,
But almost does not count.
I could almost convince myself that it don't hurt,
Or I don't feel the way I feel, that the love I have for you isn't real.
That I don't think of you all day or dream about every night,
But I can't that wouldn't be right.
I could almost convince myself there was room for me in your life,
But then you shut me out,
Try as I may almost didn't count.

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