PTSD has taught me

PTSD has taught me,
War changes people it robs   them of who the used to be.
That not every one come home the same person they were before, 
That you can hurt until you can't hurt any more.
PTSD has taught me,
How much I miss my brother Dannie. 
That just because you make it home does not mean the war is over and done,
When it comes to war neither side has really won.
PTSD has taught me,
No one will ever truly understand the price you paid,
To keep your country safe.
PTSD has taught me,
That the things you have seen and done,
Would scare the shit out of almost every one.
PTSD has taught me,
Life is so much harsher than it used to be,
PTSD has thought me they  fight flash back when they are awake,
And nightmares while they try to sleep,
It's hard to let go of memories. 
PTSD has taught me,
Freedom is never free.
PTSD had taught me not every one who is a prisoner or war is over seas,
A lot them are held captive by a force you can't see.
PTSD has taught me more than I ever wanted to know,
Some times the things that are killing us never show.
PTSD has taught me that the ones that are suffering are some of the bravest people I know,
Everyday is a battle, but to look at them you would never know.

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