I am still waiting for a phone call that you will never make,
Waiting for you to make the first move on an apology that we both know would be fake
I am still wondering when you will finally open up your eyes and see,
I am who I am today because of the pain he inflicted in me
I still wonder if this is worth the price you will pay
For failing to protect me
And looking the other way
I wonder you could never put your kids first before a man
But I will never understand 
I wonder how you can sleep next to him each and every night 
After all he done to me, it just ain't right
I am still waiting for the truth to sink in for you to accept the fact
This time we are fine for good, we will never come back
I am finally seeing you for what you are some one to weak to walk away 
Wondering why when you found out you decided to stay

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