I can't force myself
I can't lie
I can't be what others like
But I can hide the pain inside
The pain made by you and I
I just want you to realize
That even for a while
I never miss loving you
You never dare to listen
You never dare to care
How could you let me go?
Without even saying I love you so!
You resist accepting me
And I'll never persist you to love me
But I hope you feel that
I want you to be with me
Maybe someday we'll meet
And hope you'll never forget
A person who tries to make you happy
And failed to touched your heart softly
Maybe someday I'll forget you,
And hope someday pain will leave me and go away
And memories will fade as dreams will end today!
Just remember I Love You-Goodbye

Author's Notes/Comments: 

that's a poem at the same time a song...guitar cords are adapted on it by my cousin..,it was written on 09/05/08...its the last poem i made for 2008..

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Afzal Shauq's picture

what i like in this poem is your cntrast feeling and behavior to love him or her and in the meantime say him or to her good bye too..wonderfullhope my poems also knock your heart too..

rosalind's picture

Splendid,sounds so real. Success!