Start to Move on

2018 Journey


For how many months I stop writing about my feelings.

You know why? I’m happy.

For how many months I’ve never told a story.

For all the trials I’ve been? I survive.

For how many months I stop entertaining the hurts.

You know why? I thought this was different, that you’re different.

For the months we’ve been together I change the bad things in me.

Why did I do? I want this to be forever.

For the months I’ve sacrificed to be with you.

The reason why? Because I love you!

And those months I thought would last till the end.

But it didn’t, and I learned love wasn't enough.

For the other months starting today, I would never follow my heart again

You know why? I fail and I lose the person I’ve love my one and only best friend.

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i want to move on he can't fight for me till the end - july 31,2018 (10:21pm)

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Some writers like myself have

Some writers like myself have lapses in writing when I'm genuinely happy.  Some writers write to escape, to make sense whats going on in our heads we have to write it down. Love is not everything needed to make it work, so don't feel down about it.