Little Yellow Deaths


I was loud as thunder
the day I gave up
There were no Gods left in
the midnight sky
My outstretched fingers,
bleeding like crimson rain could
not feel anything
And I don't think you know how
numb I can get
How hard my gaze can hit you

I am alone and seething
like always
burning for the fields below this window
Burning away, away, away

I really gave up.

It wasn't a lie this time
And my lies are still heavy
but I swear,
I wear you like a scar that won't let me forget
I breathe you like an air ten bricks thick

You didn't love me,
and I died so many times so you
could feel alive

You didnt love me.

I give up.


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Man! I'm really feeling

Man! I'm really feeling you... resonating.

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