Swan Song


My heart waits

But for what?

This is the swan song
You're not coming back
No matter how many times I

stare out the window
You won't be there, carrying roses and

a bag of chinese food
It's really over
and these ribs are all
criss crossed
you don't know the pain
you inflict
the emotional toll
the cost of
reversing gravity
the dark places I have gone to


Six years
and you threw it away for

one night

to have some broad with
matching sparrows on her arms
I knew you needed to fly darling
I was willing to give you my own wings
I was going to get a Raven on my shoulderblade for you
That was my love
dark, intense
Sparrows are pussies
in comparison


This is the last time I will
ever write about you
I mean that
You don't really deserve the
energy it takes to repeat the words that
form steadily in my head

Perhaps you did, once


Sparrows, ravens, and doves


If it was the easy way out you wanted,


you won


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Swan Song definition: the last act or manifestation of someone or something; farewell appearance

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deepinyourdreams's picture

ya, ya, ya, what do I

ya, ya, ya, what do I see...Your next act, you'd take her back and get a Phoenix tatoo.........yes a little sarcastic humor'''


life_used_to_be_lifelike's picture

Haha! like hell I would. I am

Haha! like hell I would. I am smarter than that good sir. 

"It is a terrible thing to be so open. It is as if my heart put on a face and walked into the world" -- Sylvia Plath.

deepinyourdreams's picture

I couldn't resist reference

I couldn't resist reference to another bird...and what better than one from out of the ashes...seemed perfect for you..lol