Threatened Dreams

He stares, I know he's always watching
Like my conscience from inside 
The man inside the mirrors blotching
Out the memories that I hide 
His eyes lock on and penetrate me
In my fear he does delight

He sees the dreams 
I dream at night

Inching, creeping as I'm sleeping
Tearing at the walls within
Peeking, peering, even peeping
Taking in all of my sin
Picking at the memories I keep
Locked inside my head so tight

He steals the dreams
I dream at night

He stands there with resounding vigor
Contemplating how ill end
His finger resting on the trigger
A finger that I can't unbend
Digging deep with long black arrows
That fill my body full of fright

He kills the dreams
I dream at night

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is the second poem I've written about the haunting man in the mirror. I'll post the first soon this one is just newer and fresher on the mind.

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