new friend (:

I met this girl,

nevermind that,
I met her online,

she is listening to my story,

I am not used to that,

she has been making me feel good about myself,

we are only talking,

but it feels good to have another lesbian to talk to,

I met her today,

but this isnt going to be a "bring a U-Haul to the second conversation" type of thing,

she is listening to me,

this probably won't make it any where but a friendship,

and I am perfectly okay with that,

I just want to talk,

and it seems like she wants to listen,

I just want be understood,

and she seems to be understanding,

I want to make it some where in life,

and she seems to have the transportation,

I met this girl,

I have messaged her 4 times now,

but every message seems to get longer,

I wonder if the encouraging messages impact her the way hers impact me,

I wonder if she smiles at the ones I send her,

I met this girl,

shes much older than me,

but she is willing to listen and so am I,

I just found a new firend,

Thanks new friend,

my friend says "life_used_to_be_lifelike".....,

thanks new friend for lending my a hand,

I am her for you and always will be,

new friend (:


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there is a group for lesbians

there is a group for lesbians on writers cafe . org

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thanks... I will check it out

thanks... I will check it out (: