It's okay little Gay Girl

It's okay little gay girl I know how you feel,

walking those scary halls like it is no big deal,

there's a real reason to be afraid,

I understand this cause I deal with it every day,

I get shoved down,

pushed around,

But you still have to get up and fight on,

You'll find a person that makes you glad you're alive,

you just have to find the will to fight to survive,

it's okay little gay girl,

I know that this is true,

I am just here to teach you that it's okay to be you,

It's okay little gay girl,

I see those scars are new,

it's okay little gay girl to feel kind of blue,

people get mean,

people get rough,

some thoughts are scary,

some thoughts are not,

the blade seems good,

the blade seems nice,

its okay little gay girl to want to end your life,

just say your last good byes,

to your future wedded wife,

just make sure you say 'I love you' if you want to end your life,

hey little gay girl,

it's okay to cry,

hey little gay girl,

your bullies even want to say goodbye,

your girlfriend is waiting to tell you that you are loved,

she doesn't really cry,

and she is finally here to tell you why,

she was abused,

just like you,

she has been through a lot,

if you only knew,

she's saying what she can,

to try to keep you around,

its okay little gay girl,

you will get through this too,

its okay little gay girl for this to be true,

your girlfriend is rocking you in her arms,

saying it's okay,

its alright,

lets make sure we live another night,

lets be safe,

lets be sound,

lets keep our feet planted on the ground,

I love you little gay girl,

I love you little friend,

thats say our prayer before we sleep,

Dear God,

I just wanted to say hey,

I am not scared to talk to you because I gay,

keep me safe another night,

I pray this in your name that I will be alright,

hey little gay girl,

your growning,

I just called to say whats up,

It's okay little girl,

just be you,

because I am living in you body as we speak,

it's okay to be myself,

so I will keep this poem up on a shelf,

it's okay little gay girl,

don't be sad,

you'll get through this soon and the bullies will be mad,

you are unique little gay girl,

you sing your own song,

let everyone know it is okay to sing along,

go on little gay girl do your thing,

its okay little gay girl go sing your song,

its okay little gay girl go prove them wrong.












Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is about my life

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zoeycup16's picture

It's ok little gay girl!

Omg this poem made me cry it's so real I was right there in the poem! You see my brother and son are both gay and have told me horror stories about what they went thru in school and in society I will tell you what I told them! I said " they might think you are different but it's them who are different from you sometimes we don't know what's different about them and we may never know but that's why they feel the need to be cruel it's because they are ashamed about being different and are imbarased about the fact that your not imbarased about who you are in your sexuality ignore then you are a person just like me just like  any one and you are spacial in my eyes so don't you ever let anyone tell you different  period I love you for who you are not what you do and to whom you do it with that's between you and them not you them and the world ! This world would be a happier place if people would just look at a person for who they are and not what they do!"  Keep writing your so good!!!!!!!       Zoey cup 16's picture

you did great!! and just know

you did great!! and just know your friends are all here for you, wich includes me!! :)

lesbians_unite's picture

thanks... I love this poem

thanks... I love this poem actually and I am very proud of it (:

deepinyourdreams's picture

Nice write, great flow..and I

Nice write, great flow..and I like the rythm of the rhyme'


lesbians_unite's picture

thanks I appreciate it

thanks I appreciate it

word_man's picture

i like your poem and the

i like your poem and the reasoning behind it

you are born gay,and christians are taught to turn there back on you,

even non christians .. they don`t under stand where your coming from

no i`m not gay but i had a brother in law that was,it is a tough world

and i have no answers the christians say to pray about it you may have allready

and like a lot of people with no answer

lesbians_unite's picture

I am a christian and get a

I am a christian and get a lot of crap because I am gay and I wanted to vent so I sat down and this poem found its way to be born (:

word_man's picture


i wish i had the answers,but i don`t

not sure any body does ,just tell god let him deal with it