what if

what if everything in life isn't what we think it is?
we spend an eternity looking for something to care about,


were we all born to care about a significant other?  

I have spent my whole life looking for something to care for,

I haven't quite found that something yet.

I have been convinced that I have fell in love but you are only in love when you feel your heart hurt,

for something that you do not know,

am I in love?


I am in love with the thought of being in love,

what if I die without knowing what love feels like?

what is love?

love is not knowing,

not knowing where they are,

but knowing that they exist,

what if all in life isn't what we think it is,

maybe not knowing what love is,

is our new way of yearning for it,

maybe yearning is our new desire,

maybe love,

isn't even love at all,

maybe it's a day dream,

what if love was a day dream?

what would love loook like?

it would have red hair with brown eyes,

it's feet wouldn't matter,

love would stick out,

like a sore thumb any day of the week,


is a lot of what ifs',

but love,

may only be a day dream away.

what if...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am new to this and am just trying to find my style. (:

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zoeycup16's picture

What if

That was very good! I can relate!

deepinyourdreams's picture

Nice write.......But....I

Nice write.......But....I think the "not knowing" is just called "yearning"......save yourself... buy a puppy!Tongue Out


lesbians_unite's picture

true lol... I am just writing

true lol... I am just writing without paper and well it didn't turn out like what I would have liked it to turn out like... think I am about to update it (: