Tattoo no more

Life goes on

I used to love it and always rubbed it,
this tattoo that was for you,

Tattoo no more about to become,
something pure and sweet,
so i can look at my arm again
without feeling you're deceit,

looking back when i got this for you,
what the hell was i thinking,
you were never going to be,

Never will i see you after i say goodbye,
to this Turquoise brand of a person,
not of man but of something
strange and out of place lost,
in a world of you're own mental,

Tattoo no more be gone for,
good so i can be happy with,
the one i should,

Just one more step and
then i"m new with you,
out of my life and tattoo gone
there's nothing to remind me
of a creature unkind

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This hurt my heart at the

This hurt my heart at the same time I rejoiced for you. Its so hard to throw away the old love that built so many memories but you have so many new memories to be built with someone that will make you happier.