Lips of myrrh

You're lips so sweet i can't retreat,
those lips of myrrh pure and moist
they leave me no choice but to rejoice.

To taste of lips of myrrh can not be
more gentle and soft the feeling
i get from you're lips and mouth
takes me away to far about

lips of myrrh so ever pure making
me feel safe and secure such
power they hold for me to absorb

you're kiss with lips of myrrh move me in
away like no other before
kiss me, kiss me, forever and
ever i feel that i don't need another

lips of myrrh stay so sweet for i am
the one that was meant to keep

Author's Notes/Comments: 

sweet lips i love it when he kisses me

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so full of emotion, a sweet

so full of emotion, a sweet innocent sensuality in this.